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 Brigari Hills

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PostSubject: Brigari Hills   Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:55 pm

" Hills located north of Muure's villages, surrounded by a large valleys and an island
chain many young namekians often come to these hills in search of clarity, and to hone there skills. "
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PostSubject: Re: Brigari Hills   Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:11 pm

* A young namekian, sits silently at the hills peak legs crossed and arms
folded across one another , he holds his head slightly lowered facing out towards the islands and fields
spread along his planet.

minutes begin to feel like hours to him, as he slowly falls into a trance
like state unconsciously releasing his Ki from all over his body in slow passive
waves, blowing across Namek's blue grass like a low breeze *

*Azoo's body vibrates as he splits into three, utilizing the multi form technique.
as the clones solidify, Azoo stands cracking his knuckles, and stretching his arms and legs.
the Namek exhales and turns to face his clones, who have already positioned themselves for battle*

- Clone #1 : HP - 10,000,000
- Clone #2 : HP - 10,000,000

* Without any sudden movements Azoo, uses his speed rushing between both
clones, quickly spinning extending his hand towards the clone of the far right and releases
a Kiai towards him blowing him back.

*Azoo then turns towards the other clone, lunging towards him with a flying kick, though the clone
is able to catch him by his ankle and proceeds to swing Azoo in a circle before letting go and slamming him into the ground, just as the other clone is able to recover, and shoots a large Ki wave at Azoo. *

* Azoo responds by using his Super Explosive Wave, both defending from the Ki wave and pushing both clones with the explosion, Azoo stands to his feet observing the charred landscape and awaiting the clones next move*

- Clone #1 : HP = 7,500,000/ 10,000,000
- Clone #2 : HP = 8,000,000/ 10,000,000

- Azoo : HP = 19,000,000/20,000,000

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PostSubject: Re: Brigari Hills   Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:53 pm

*Both clones suddenly pierce through the smoke as it clears at lightning speed, arms extended
ready to strike, though the clones quickly change trajectory to divide Azoo's attention, with one clone flying upwards while the other begins flying in a circle around Azoo*

* The Clone above begins firing kis blast rapidly at Azoo, who attempts to avoid and fly away
but is intercepted the other clone who appears in front of him kicking him right into the pathway
of the Ki blast. Azoo takes on the brunt of their coordinated attacked *

"They used the dust clearing to throw me off"

*Azoo is able to free himself from the barrage by shooting a Kiai between the Ki blast defusing them
while also shooting a Ki blast at the clone nearest to him knocking him into the lake below them*

*Azoo dives into the water after it grabbing the clone and slamming his body into the rocks , then he throws the clone out of the water piercing the surface and knocking into the other clone. Azoo then rises from the water ready to continue the his training *

- Clone #1 : HP = 7,000,000 / 10,000,000
- Clone #2 : HP = 7,000,000 / 10,000,000

- Azoo : HP =17,500,000/ 20,000,000

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PostSubject: Re: Brigari Hills   Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:11 pm

*About 3-4 Miles away from the battle taking place , floating somewhat aimlessly up and down
observing Azoo's movements. arms crossed his dark eyes had glossy shine to them, his upward antennae twitched reacting this the blows and release of energy coming from Azoo*


* Floote kept his energy concealed as to not be detected *
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PostSubject: Re: Brigari Hills   Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:49 pm

* Azoo began to assess the damage he's sustain so far during his training
he closes his eyes and begins in inhale and exhale , thinking of the fighting form and tactics
exchanged between himself and his clones, formulating new strategies for future battles *

* Azoo smirked , when both clones began to shoot Ki blasts at him, but
the young namek swiftly dodged both, remaining stationary preparing for there next tactic*

*The Clones then switched to a direct attack flying straight at Azoo prepared to swing their fist
at his skull and mid section , as soon as the clones get within centimeters of striking distance, Azoo's body begins vibrantly*

Akoo's Super Explosive: 1,000 Ki Points + (Charged 50% Boost)
= 3,000,000 Dmg> 4,500,000 Dmg

*Azoo Throws His Arms Up Releases a Charged Poink Blank Explosive Wave On Both Clones
Burning Their Skin and Drastically Reducing Their Health*

* The Clones fly back but remain afloat, as the smoke from their body clears
only one is revealed the other appears behind Azoo, swinging his fist at the right side of
Azoo's head from behind, but Azoo catches his arm flipping him over his shoulder, bringing the clones face into a collision with Azoo's rising knee. As Azoo's knee smashes into the face of the clone, the clone winces holding his face and slowly floats Next to the other.

- Clone #1 : HP = 1,500,000 (Technique Dmg + Strike Dmg)
- Clone #2 : HP = 2,500,000 (Technique Dmg)

*Azoo thinks to himself confidently about the results of his training, his skill has improved tremendously to be able to fight two opponents of equal power*

- Azoo : HP = 17,500,000/20,000,000

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PostSubject: Re: Brigari Hills   Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:11 pm

* A Large wide spread Ki Shoots from behind both clones tearing through their clothes and flesh
seering there entire body *

*each clone yells in pain as the blast burns past them nearly hitting Azoo
as well. as the flames from the blast subsides, the clones fall from the sky
back to the hill side*.
( Mouth Energy Wave – A beam shot from the mouth; considerably more powerful than normal ki bolts.
1000 Ki Points
1000 Ki Points = 3,000,000(Dmg)

*Floote stands among-st the clearing smoke , with staring directly at Azoo
with an inconspicuous smile drawn across his face, bringing an ominous aura with his presence
Floote releases his power no longer keeping it undetectable*

*Floote looks down at the bodies as the smack against the ground and he brings his gaze back up
to Azoo*

"You're kindof strong eh, Warrior namek?...
far too strong for such trivial training methods, or maybe direct combat suits better gains for Namekians of your clan"

*Floote speaks loudly towards Azoo , not once breaking his smile
through his snide remarks *

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PostSubject: Re: Brigari Hills   

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Brigari Hills
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