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 Dodoria's Bio

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PostSubject: Dodoria's Bio   Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:45 pm

Name - Dodoria
Age - over 40
Race - Mutant

Occupation - Elite Soldier

Personality -Dodoria has a rather brash and vulgar demeanor in sharp contrast to the more refined attitude seen in his comrade Zarbon. He is intelligent, but often lets his anger get the best of him, which results in violent rages and an uncontrollable lust for carnage and destruction, with Frieza's strong word the only thing that can keep him calm.

As one of Frieza's elites, Dodoria is fairly powerful. He is shown to easily defeat the Warrior Namekians he faces off against with a single blow each, even claiming right before defeating them confidently that he could handle "ten of them".


Energy Cannon – A Mouth Energy Wave used to attack Bardock on planet Meat and to kill one of the three Namekian warriors from Moori's village on Namek.
750 Ki Points

Dodoria Big Blaster – A combination of many energy waves fired at a rapid rate
500 Ki Points

Maximum Buster - An energy wave.

1000 Ki Points

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PostSubject: Re: Dodoria's Bio   Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:42 pm

Approved !
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Dodoria's Bio
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