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 Power Levels, Zenkai and Training etc.

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Power Levels, Zenkai and Training etc. Empty
PostSubject: Power Levels, Zenkai and Training etc.   Power Levels, Zenkai and Training etc. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2018 10:54 pm


The actual term "Power Level" usually refers to readings produced by scouters, which are sensory devices used by Frieza's crew that detect a person's ki. The reading is converted into numbers of an unspecified unit, and the resulting number is the "Power Level", or an estimation of that person's physical capability. However, other types of devices like Babidi's ki detection device can also produce numbers based on detection of ki, but these readings are generally not referenced by fans. Power Level is generally an ambiguous term that describes the concept of physical ability.

In order for someone to be able to take attacks from a foe without taking any damage, they must possess twice the power of their foe.

The use of power levels is to get an estimation of how a battle will fare between two opponents of known power levels. In general, if one has a higher power level than one's opponent, then he/she can defeat the one with the weaker power level. For example, "Person A" has a fighting power of 10,000 and "Person B" has a fighting power of 5,000. "Person A" can most certainly defeat "Person B". However, the factors of speed, strength, and technique can also come into account when deciding the outcome of a fight.

It should be noted that, when factoring in the edge a fighter has over an opponent, the difference in power levels as a flat number is apparently not important, but rather, the relative or percentage difference between the power levels of the two combatants. The power levels read by scouters led members of the Frieza Force to constantly underestimate the Z Fighters in battle. Also, a stronger power level does not always mean that fighter will always win.

How To Battle

Alright, so everyone should be familiar with how power levels work in the Dragon ball Universe , on this site we wont use overinflated power levels and will do our best to keep everything simple and manageable . Battles will be one by reducing your opponents health
down to zero, with a combination of your Ki Based techniques and Strike Damage. The Amount of damage you receive from your opponent will heavily depend on how large the gap is between your Ki levels and Battle power, canonically small gaps in power would be enough to completely overwhelm your opponent so I've decided to widen that gap and came up with a System to allow everyone to have a fair roleplay experience.

Strike Damage
Now if you are facing an adversary who is roughly equal in battle power to your own, you only receive damage equal to
5% of your maximum health from their kicks, punches and other physical strikes. The percent damage rule will remain constant until
facing an opponent whose total battle power is equal to or more than 4x your own, strike damage will increase 5% to 10%
of your maximum health, and on to an opponent whose total battle power is more than 10x that of your own strike damage will hit it's peak at 20% reduction of max health, So I would advise not to pick a fight with Dragon Era's Heavyweights.

Ki Based Attacks
Ki Damage will work in a similar but slightly less complicated way. Each member will have Ki levels to indicate how powerful
their Ki is outside of their physical strength. The levels will range from 1500 - 9000 for each member, Ki techniques themselves will range from 100 - 3,000. The Damage inflicted onto your opponent is calculated by multiplying the Ki Technique Level and your Character's Ki level.

(Tien vs Nappa )
Tien Battle Power = 8,100
Nappa Battle Power = 40,000

Ki Tech. Level = 400
Tien's Ki Level = 3,800
(400 x 3,800) = 1,520,000

In this example regardless of the difference in Tien , and Nappa's battle power Nappa would still receive
the maximum amount of damage from Tien's Technique. I will continue to make adjustments to the system but for now
I am very confident that this will suffice. Razz bounce afro

How To Increase Your Power Level On Dragon Era :

a genetic trait that continually lets the user increase in performance against adversity, either by recovering from great injuries or enduring great struggle in battle. Saiyans use of this ability far exceeds other races.

After drinking the Ultra Divine Water and almost dying, Goku gained a power boost from not just the water's powers, but also from his Saiyan Power, as seen from the silhouette of his Great Ape form. When Vegeta recovered from his first fight with Goku, his power level went from 18,000 to 24,000, enough to overwhelm Dodoria and base form Zarbon. Another increase was received after healing from being nearly killed by Monster Zarbon, His power reached 30,000, able to wear down and decisively beat Zarbon's and later cause some minor damage to Recoome. Goku's healing from his first battle against Vegeta and multiple injuries during his gravity training in x100 Earth's gravity increased his power level from over 8,000 to 90,000 and master a x10 Kaio-ken.

Zenkai's by Race

Misc. (Base x 1.10)       = 10% Increase to Battle Power
Earthling (Base x 1.10) = 10% Increase to Battle Power

Gods (Base x 1.25)          = 20% Increase to Battle Power
Demons (Base x 1.25)  = 20% Increase to Battle Power
Android (Base x 1.25)   = 20% Increase to Battle Power

Namekian (Base x 1.25) = 25% Increase to Battle Power
Frost Clan (Base x 1.25) = 25% Increase to Battle Power

Saiyan (Base x 1.50)      = 50% Increase to Battle Power
(Achieved Super Saiyan) - (Base x 1.25) = 25% Increase In Battle Power

These Zenkai's are only applied when user has taken significant amounts of damage
Training Post and Battles will Always Play a Role in Increasing Your Power Levels
So Post As Much As Possible The Moderators are Always Watching Smile

Independent Training

Of course independent training post will provide additional increases to your characters
power level and overall statistics, gains wills determined by moderators after they have reviewed your
characters training post. Training with multiple partners and or Masters will provide a high levels
of increase.


Throughout various locations several characters
are assigned as masters, each master has their own
specific training regiments.

Following Master Locations

Whis  - Beerus Planet / Time Nest

Elder Kai - Sacred Land of Kais / Time Nest

Supreme Kai & Kibito - Sacred Land of Kais

Grand Kai and Lesser Kais  - Realm of the Grand Kai

Xeno Vegeta - Various Locations / Time Nest

Mechikabura - Various Locations (Currently Unavailable)

Piccolo - Earth

Tienshinhan - Earth

Lord Guru - Planet Namek

Master Roshi - Earth

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Power Levels, Zenkai and Training etc.
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