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 Nappa , The Saiyan Elite

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PostSubject: Nappa , The Saiyan Elite   Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:34 pm

Name - Nappa
Age - 50's
Race - Saiyan

Occupation - General

Personality -
Nappa has quite a destructive personality and loves demolition to an extreme level. When arriving on Earth, the first thing he asks Vegeta is if he can destroy a town.
Nappa also has a very cocky personality, as he enjoys toying with his opponents. Nappa is somewhat sadistic, and his sadism is strongest by far towards Goku, and he repeatedly voices the intention to kill Goku's friends and son before his eyes as revenge for his treason towards his own race (by siding with Earthlings instead of the Saiyans).

Brief History -
Nappa was born into a noble family, and thus has a high ranking and power level compared to other Saiyans, automatically making him an upper level warrior. At a young age he battled alongside his Saiyan comrades during the Saiyan-Tuffle War. Eventually he was assigned to the same group as Raditz, later Vegeta was added to the group too.[3] Nappa was the direct subordinate to Prince Vegeta.[4] At the time when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, Vegeta's group were away on a mission and did not return from the mission even when called back as Vegeta chose to ignore the message.

Power -
When first arriving on Earth, Nappa demonstrated his power by incinerating an entire city instantly. In his fight against the Z Fighters during the Vegeta Saga, Nappa is easily able to overpower their various tactics

Signature Techniques -

Volcano Explosion - Nappa rises his right hand with his index and middle fingers up, releasing a white Exploding Wave.
1800 Ki Points

◾️Blazing Storm - The user raises his right hand with his index and middle fingers up. Then, he brings his right arm to his left side and finally, he moves his arm back to the right and unleashes a huge Exploding Wave.
1000 Ki Points

Arm Break – Nappa powers up and then charges at the opponent to deliver a powerful punch to their arm, capable of severing it, causing excruciating pain and major damage to the opponent.
300 Ki Points

Bomber DX – Nappa holds his hand out and charges a fierce pulsating white energy sphere in his hand. When it is ready, he reels back and tosses a large, pure white energy sphere at the opponent that creates an enormous explosion on contact.
2000 Ki Points

Break Cannon – Nappa powers up and opens his mouth to charge a energy sphere. Then, he fires the energy sphere in the form of an energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage. Nappa notes it as his ultimate technique.
3000 Ki Points

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PostSubject: Re: Nappa , The Saiyan Elite   Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:20 pm

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Nappa , The Saiyan Elite
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