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 Hit The Assassin

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PostSubject: Hit The Assassin   Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:24 pm

Name - Hit
Age - Over 1000 years ld
Race - Unknown

Occupation - Assassin

Personality -Hit is stoic and composed, constantly appearing emotionless and indifferent to most events. An expert in his craft, Hit shows great confidence and fortitude in any challenge presented before him. Hit also seems to be confident in his abilities. Showing a very no-nonsense attitude, he is straight to the point and speaks no more than necessary. To which, Hit will carry out his contracts, no matter whom his targets may be, nor can he be bribed or convinced to turn away from the assignment. More to his unwavering commitment and resolve, even when at a disadvantage, Hit refuses to back down from the challenge, choosing to face the opponent head-on, as noted by Cabba. The only instance in which Hit has ever shown fear of anything, is when Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6, was determined on destroying him, but even then he was not willing to go down without a fight

Brief History -
Born over 1000 years ago[1], Hit has been an assassin for a long time. He is famous for his highly efficient work at his job as all of his past assassinations were successfully completed. His signature for completing each assignment is to kill the target in a single strike.

Power -
Hit is noted to be the strongest warrior in Universe 6 for the Tournament of Destroyers and initially their ace fighter for the Tournament of Power. Even after witnessing Kale's newfound Legendary Super Saiyan form, Hit was still considered the strongest of Team Universe 6. Thanks to his power and special techniques Hit is able to fight on par with God-like beings such as Super Saiyan Blue. Unlike most fighters who can manipulate their ki, Hit does not appear to use energy blasts often. Instead, he relies on close-range combat. He wears his long flowing jacket and tends to keep his hands in his pockets to better mask his sudden movements. When holding back, his style of combat revolves mainly in a basic but solid fighting stance. Once serious, his style becomes more akin to Wing Chun. His main tactic in battle is precise and quick jabs to various vital points with blazing speed in combination with his Time-Skip. These strikes appear as rays of light bursting from his opponents. Hit was completely unimpressed even by the stronger people in the tournament. He doesn't open his eyes until Goku becomes a Super Saiyan, and even then only for a moment. He does have some respect for Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue form, however.

At his base level of power, he was able to compete against Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form, which he swiftly and unguarded defeated him without much effort - however, this was only because Vegeta had no knowledge of Hit's Time-Skip, and in the manga at least, was because Vegeta could not even use 10% of his full capacity due to showing the form to Cabba previously. The anime does not mention any great weakening of this transformation, although it was noted that Vegeta was tired from his consecutive fights against Frost, Magetta and Cabba (with Magetta especially tiring him) and his stamina would have been heavily drained from using Super Saiyan Blue.

Signature Techniques -

Vital Point Attack - Hit's primary method of attack. He attacks using the Phoenix Eye Fist method of punching in order to focus all of the energy from his blows into one point, thus increasing their effectiveness. Hit aims only for his opponent's vital spots, allowing him to take down his opponents without much effort, even if they are stronger than he is. As shown in his fights with Goku and Vegeta, he can choose how strongly he hits the vital spot, allowing him to avoid overly injuring or killing a foe. This technique, combined with his Time-Skip ability, is proven to be deadly.
Increases Strike Damage by 50%

Time-Skip - Hit's signature technique where he can manipulate time and skip it for a tenth of a second. In that time, Hit moves freely to block and counterattack, usually going for the vitals. Hit can also go into the Parallel World in combination with Time Skip as seen in his fight with Dyspo

Time Lag - Hit's ultimate technique in the manga, with it he is able to slow his opponent's time - decreasing their movement speed
1000 Ki Points

Killing Techniques - Hit possess several specialized techniques intended for usage in his job as an assassin.

Ki Clones - When moving around, Hit is able to leave duplicates of his ki, in order to make it hard to track him.

Flash Fist Crush - A deadly variant of the Time-Skip combined with a warping technique similar to Phantom Fist. In the anime, Hit displays a killing variant of this technique where invisible energy blasts (through a punching motion) with enough force to kill an opponent if he hits a vital spot. This attack is near-invisible and passes through m10atter thanks to it traveling through the Time-Storage world, making it very hard to detect. He can also manifest and release these energy blasts in any direction he chooses.
1000 Ki Points , No Reduction
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PostSubject: Re: Hit The Assassin   Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:31 pm

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Hit The Assassin
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