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 Demon King Dabura

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PostSubject: Demon King Dabura   Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:49 pm

Name - Dabura
Age - 1000 years +
Race - Demon King

Occupation - King, General of The Dark Empire

Personality -Dabura is shown to have a good relationship with his younger sister, whom he has shown to care for in a big brotherly fashion , Dabura's personality, while very sadistic in terms of his battle actions and methods of disposing of enemies, is also very sophisticated and well-mannered, speaking in a very articulate fashion, even complimenting the talents of his opponents with his deep, booming voice

Power - Dabura's strength prior to becoming a Majin is unknown but it is stated by Shin that even before Babidi took control of him, Dabura was the strongest being in the Demon Realm. Before encountering Majin Buu, Dabura himself believed there was no one in the universe that could match his power.

Signature Techniques -

Evil Impulse – A large sphere of dark energy, fired from one hand.
500 Ki Points

Telekinesis – Dabura is shown able to easily manipulate large quantities of matter, quickly launching them with great force.
Stone Spit – Dabura gathers saliva in his mouth and spits it on an opponent who then petrifies turning to lifeless stone.

Sword Blast – A wave of energy channeled through his sword.
750 Ki Points

Magical Thunder - A magical lightning-based Finger Beam
1000 Ki Points

Transformations :

Demonic Will -
A power up used by Dabura in order to reach his full power.
Base Power Level x %50

Demon God
Dabura becomes a Demon God thanks to Mechikabura and gains the ability to use Godly ki. In this form he wields a larger version of his sword as his main weapon the design of which somewhat resembles the weapons wielded by other Demon Gods such as Demigra and his sister Towa.

In this form Dabura is strong enough to easily defeat Kid Buu merged with a Dark Dragon Ball

Base Power Level x 12

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PostSubject: Re: Demon King Dabura   Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:50 pm

Approved !
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Demon King Dabura
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