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 Plexi City Ruins

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Lord Slug

Lord Slug

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PostSubject: Plexi City Ruins   Plexi City Ruins I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 27, 2018 12:00 pm

Weeks later after the birth of his son Sirren, Slug has been active in overseeing
the training of his offspring, making note of his incredible growth . Slug decided to land his cruiser
on Kanassa and have Sirren engage in combat with the remnants of the Kanassan Soldiers
Slug steps through the doorway of his cruiser, slowly making his way down it's extended walkway, with a wide grin
across his face.
The Namek's smile grew wider as his eyes began and glow
and two beams rapidly shot from his pupils firing into the distance among the ruined architectures
just as quickly 12 Kanassan Soldiers all jumped from different hiding angles avoiding the rumble and falling debris
They faced slug some with weapons such as axes , swords, blasters, and chains, other with nothing but bare hands.

Without hesitation they all charged and leaped towards the Giant Namek ready to strike
and work in unison against there, but before they could reach Slug, they all realized the wounds inflicted upon there bodies
slashes and punctue wounds riddled across every one of them, each one fell to ground gushing blood, in shock ...a small namek floats down between the bleeding corpses, his hands covered in blood, the Young namekian wore and eerily familiar smile..
he had slaughtered them all within an instant, they never even noticed his prescence...

"What power , what a righfult heir for the Next ruler of the Galaxy .." Slug thought to himself

Kanassan Soldiers Power Levels - 30,000 / 100,000
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Plexi City Ruins
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