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 Sarada's Bio

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PostSubject: Sarada's Bio   Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:13 pm

Name ~ Sarada
Age  - 19 yo
Race - Saiyan

Occupation ~ Soldier

Personality ~ Vibrant, Quick Tempered, Sarada has an underlying sensitive personality.
Brief History ~ Sarada comes from a powerful saiyan bloodline, when she was younger she was nearly killed
by a Large Babari but was rescued by her Sister Saala. Saala then forced her to finish off the creature after severly wounding
it. Sarada somewhat fears her sister but would never admit it.

Fighting Style ~ light on her feet, Sarada is outspeeds her opponents,
while unleashing devastating Ki Blast.

Signature Techniques ~

1.Energy Punch - A powerful punch that is charged with energy.
250Ki Points

2.Afterimage Strike[2] (多重残像拳[1][5] Tajū Zanzōken, lit. "Multiple Afterimage Fist") is a technique in which the user distracts his/her opponent with several afterimages.

3.Spread Shot Retreat - An evasive technique where the user fires ki blasts while moving backwards. It allows the user to put some distance between the user and their opponents while attacking at the same time preventing their opponent from following.
300 Ki Points

4. ( Ultimate Attack )Spirit Ball – The Spirit Ball is formed by making an upwards facing open palm, and placing the other hand around the adjacent arm for support. The user then gathers surrounding energy into the open palm and shapes the energy into a yellow-orange sphere. After forming the Spirit Ball, the user controls and guides it by pointing the index and middle fingers in the desired direction. When initially guided, the attack utilizes kinetic energy to deal damage, striking the enemy multiple times from range.
1000 Ki Points

Transformations :

Oozaru x 2.5
Super Saiyan (Not Yet Available) x 5

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PostSubject: Re: Sarada's Bio   Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:37 pm

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Sarada's Bio
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