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 Floote's Bio

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PostSubject: Floote's Bio   Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:05 pm

Name ~ Floote
Age  - About 10 years of age
Race - Namekian

Occupation ~ Mages

Personality ~ Floote is very cynannical and conniving. he craves power , and has been mistaken
for a demon namekian.

Brief History ~ Floote was born of the dragon clan, but possessed a battle power
that overshadowed many of the Elite warrior nameks .

Fighting Style ~ Floote relies on his speed to outmaneuver his opponent and find openings to
deliver powerful magic and physical attacks.

Signature Techniques ~

1.Finger Beam – Basic energy attack fired from the index finger
200 Ki Points

2.Scatter Finger Beam - A variation of his finger beam where he fires a beam from each finger on his right hand.
400 Ki Points

3.Explosive Demon Wave – A very powerful blast shot from one hand while the other hand is used to support the arm that is firing the blast.
500 Ki Points

4. ( Ultimate Attack )Mouth Energy Wave – A beam shot from the mouth; considerably more powerful than normal ki bolts.
1000 Ki Points

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PostSubject: Re: Floote's Bio   Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:05 pm

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Floote's Bio
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