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 Merged Zamasu

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PostSubject: Merged Zamasu   Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:03 pm

Name ~ Zamasu
Age ~ 1,000 +
Race ~ Core People

Occupation ~ Former Supreme Kai

Personality ~Generally, Zamasu is shown to be a very calm and methodical person, as shown in combat when carefully perceiving his opponent's attack style and seamlessly countering in a fluid manner. While a man who cares for the development and prosperity of the universe.Despite his dark actions, Zamasu is still a pure-hearted man with as strong sense of duty (though not necessarily pure good). This due to the fact that he believes his actions are completely justified, caring so single-mindedly for the development of the universes that he is utterly convinced that the ends justify the means. At the same time, he is not without arrogance and condescension towards those whom he views as beneath him and has no qualms about breaking rules or betraying his fellow Kais. He also didn't believe in anyone else other than himself.

Brief History ~Zamasu was formerly the North Kai of Universe 10, and was a witness of the countless wars done by humans. He was chosen by Gowasu to be his successor, based on his battle talent. Zamasu was happy about it, and promised to do his best for universal peace.

Fighting Style ~
While starting off as only a lower Kai, Zamasu is recognized as a genius among all the Kais. Standing out with his remarkable ki and raw power along with a prodigious talent for fighting, he was given a special privilege to be trained as a Supreme Kai.
In the anime, when he was fighting with Super Saiyan 2 Goku, he is shown to be able to carefully intercept his punches. Ultimately, he struggles in his battle with him and is surprised by Goku's power, which Gowasu remarks as rivaling the God of Destruction's. In the end, Goku overpowers Zamasu with his strength, and defeats him. Later on, however, Zamasu says that, during their fight, he was distressed, and could have performed much better than what he did. Goku says that Zamasu may be able to become as strong as Beerus one day, though Beerus scoffed at the notion, claiming that his capacities are on an entirely different level.

Signature Techniques ~

1. God Split - Zamasu creates a field of purple energy around his right hand, creating a blade powerful enough to bifurcate a much bigger being, such as a Babarian. It can also be used as a medium to fire Ki Blasts, or as a defensive move.
1000 Ki Points



4. ( Ultimate Attack )
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PostSubject: Re: Merged Zamasu   Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:50 pm

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Merged Zamasu
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